Understanding the Celtics draft situation.

The Celtics currently own two first round draft picks in the upcoming 2014 draft which could land Boston two future all-stars. The first of the two will be wherever the Celtics finish the season in the standings. The second pick is conditional. Boston will have the worse pick of the Nets or the Hawks. The Nets are currently 2-5 and the Hawks are 4-4 so Boston would have Atlanta’s first round pick.

CBS’s last mock draft has the Celtics drafting at 9 and 15 with the selections of Kentucky freshman point guard Andrew Harrison and Michigan sophomore forward Mitch McGary. Mitch McGary hasn’t played a game yet this season and Harrison’s stats have been subpar. He isn’t a replacement for Rondo, he’s a downgrade. 10.7 points per game in three games with two of those games being against horrible teams isn’t a top 10 pick.

Glen Robinson III of Michigan is averaging 14 and 8 this year. I’d take him over both Harrison and McGary unless they show up against better opponents like Sunday against Iowa State for Michigan or December 6th against Baylor for Kentucky.

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Patriots Mock Draft Review 2.0 (10/13) (Short post)

After Week 6 of the NCAA Football season:

With the (25th) pick of the 2013 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots select….

Walterfootball.com:  Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, Oregon, CB

Walterfootball’s reasoning with this pick is that Talib’s future is uncertain. Regardless if he stays, Ifo is a corner that New England needs to select if they feel that the secondary needs a boost. A few years ago Patrick Peterson of LSU was the freak athlete that impressed NFL scouts and is having a nice career start in Arizona. This year, Ifo fits that mold. He has above average speed which the Pats have not had in years from a corner. Ekpre-Olomu could probably start the year as the second (behind Talib) cornerback on the depth chart. 

+ Great speed

+ Great ball skills. Deflects passes and successfully predicts passes.

– 5’10. Can still succeed but height may hinder performance against taller receivers.

Bottom line: If Bill wants to stop trading down with his first round picks, he needs to take a chance on a playmaker. Before Talib, New England hadn’t had an elite corner since their Super Bowl winning days. If the Patriots elect to go to free agency for a big time receiver, a corner or safety needs to be the focus here and Ifo looks to be the top tier first round candidate for the young New England secondary.

mynfldraft.com: Jason Verrett, TCU, CB

Another cornerback here. If Ifo is gone, Verrett might be a good alternative. He’s another guy with above average speed with an average body. There’s a small dip in talent, in my opinion, from Ifo to Jason so the Patriots might want to look at a different position instead of drafting him because he’s the best cornerback available. Could slip into the early second round.

+ Fast and covers well

+ Athletic and can make plays

– Average body

Bottom line: Verrett is a little more of a gamble than Ifo. Depending on the status of Patriots CB’s next year between Talib and Dennard the Pats might need to draft a CB this early regardless of who it is. To me, Verrett is at most an emergency corner if New England needs him at the end of this season.

Patriots Mock Draft Review 1.0 (9/28)

After Week 3 of the NCAA Football season:

And with the (29th) pick in the NFL Draft, the New England Patriots select….

CBS Sports (1): Eric Ebron, North Carolina, TE

With Rob Gronkowski starting the season on the IR, the Patriots’ lack of quality tight ends has shown despite the 3-0 record. Even with decent options at tight end, only one tight end has caught a pass. At 6’4″, Ebron is a little shorter than Gronkowski with the same pass catching ability. Although it’s possible that Ebron’s 200 yards and 13 catches through 3 games is due to the Tarheels lack of offensive weapons outside of senior QB Bryn Renner, the Patriots could use another strong young tight end to bring them back to an offense similar to the record breaking 2011 offense. [EDIT on 9/28: Caught 4 passes for 63 yards against ECU today]

+ Slightly above average blocker

+ Very strong, breaks tackles

– Hands not always consistent

Bottom line: Except for the hands, Belichick has to love this guy. He even played some defensive end at NC. He’s tough and can make plays after the catch. Love the fit here if he keeps producing at this level.

CBS Sports (2): Ra’Shede Hageman, Minnesota, DT

Last year mock drafts were all over the Patriots going with a defensive tackle to take over for the aging Vince Wilfork. While Wilfork is still a top DT in the AFC, the Patriots didn’t do much to back up him in last year’s draft. That being said, Ra’Shede has played well against good competition. There’s no doubt he has talent and the only question is how much the Patriots will value a young DT.

+ Fights through blocks to make tackles

+ Experience against top offensive lines

– Arrested in 2012

– Can sometimes miss tackles that should be made

Bottom line: Hageman could probably be a productive NFL player. The only problem is the team in question is the Patriots who don’t draft based on backing up productive players. For a first rounder, the Patriots are more well of focusing on offense. On top of that, Hageman looks like a decent mid second round pick unless he absolutely tears it up this season. There’s only around three tackles who have earned their first round status.

Sports Illustrated 3.0: Stephon Tuitt, Notre Dame, DE

Tuitt is fast. Chandler Jones was fun to watch in college and Tuitt brings something similar. Big frame with talent.

+ Makes tackles

+ Very quick

– Average strength, may have trouble against some NFL linemen

Bottom line: I’m not sure youth is the formula for success for the Patriots defensive line. Chandler Jones is doing great on his end and the need for another defensive end is only for depth. Ninkovich was just resigned and undrafted rookie Michael Buchanan has been doing well behind Jones. Free agency might be a better, more expensive option if New England is looking for immediate success. However, would not be a reach if the Patriots selected him.

Sportingnews.com: Dominique Easly, Florida, DT

The SEC is a powerhouse for NFL level defensive players. Easley is a tank. It’s a perfect combo.

+ Explosive

+ Breaks into backfield easily

+ Trips up players

– Doesn’t always wrap up, sometimes overruns player

– Scary injury history

Bottom line: His injuries are the main problem. He’s got high upside if he stays healthy but he’s going to miss the rest of this season. This is his second college ACL tear. If the Patriots draft him in the first round, they’ll have to be sure he can stay on the field and produce like he has. Again, DT is a confusing position for the Patriots with the addition of productive veteran Tommy Kelly.

and just for fun….

BleacherReport: Kyle Van Noy, BYU, OLB

The Patriots are already somewhat stacked at linebacker but Van Noy would be a nice addition.

+ Very, very fast

+ Makes tackles

Bottom line: Not sure why he’d fall into the late first round. He looks a lot like a mid first round pickup especially with some of the teams that are drafting around there. If the Patriots feel like the offensive rookies aren’t worth a first round pick, Van Noy would be another solid linebacker.

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The Rolling Red Sox

The 2012 season was disgusting and the 2011 season ended as badly as a season could end. The 2013 season is made of rainbows, walk offs and wins. The 91-59 Red Sox who still have 12 games to play this season, have surpassed the win totals of the previous three seasons. The problem with past seasons like 2011 weren’t the runs scored, because the Sox scored a lot (875). It was the runs allowed. Through the 2011 season, Red Sox pitching allowed 737 runs while this year, with 12 games to go, the Sox have only allowed 606. Let’s head back to October 4th of last year for a second.

The Red Sox are struggling badly. They’re in no position to move into a playoff spot and the season is dubbed a disaster. In an attempt to unload unwanted contracts, the Sox trade washed up ace Josh Beckett, team RBI leader Adrian Gonzalez, Nick “Shredder” Punto and biggest mistake in Boston since Chad Johnson (both of them), Carl Crawford are traded to the Dodgers for almost no notable with the exception of Dodgers prospect pitcher, Allen Webster.

Flash forward to October 21st. Bobby Valentine is out as Sox manager and the Red Sox trade Mike Aviles for David Carpenter (no longer with the team) and John Farrell to Toronto. The Sox have a new manger! Everything is looking better already. Eight days later, Dice-K is a free agent. On November 5th, the Sox resign David Ortiz. By the end of December the Red Sox had acquired David Ross, Jonny Gomes, Shane Victorino, Koji Uehara, Ryan Dempster, and Stephen Drew along with some other minor league pieces. Later in the offseason the Sox had gotten Mike Napoli and Mike Carp. Queue the season!

Let’s take a look (as of today) how these new players have fared in Boston along with the expectations, which are underlined.

David Ross. Solid backup to Saltalamacchia. Suffers two concussions during the season but is now back and batting .207/4/7. Not the greatest of acquisitions.

Jonny Gomes. Clubhouse guy, utility guy, extra piece on the bench. Walk off hero, insanely good pinch hitter, above average fielder, awesome beard. Hitting .234/12/48.

Shane Victorino. Hawaiian, experienced outfielder, age may show. Batting .291, with 14 home runs and 57 RBIs. Not showing his age. Still Hawaiian.

Koji Uehara. People loved to complain about adding another reliever after Hanrahan (how’d that go?). High expectations after season in Texas. Koji is having one of the greatest seasons a reliever has had in baseball. 67.3 innings, he’s allowed 29 hits. He’s struck out 94 and has only truly walked seven batters (an additional two were intentional). As of today he’s not allowed a hit to 37 consecutive batters. That’s four shy of the all time record. He’s so fun to watch and he gives high fives. There’s nothing better than this.

Ryan Dempster. Great pitcher on a bad team. Strikes people out. 8-9 with a 4.70 ERA. Not a great pitcher but he’s getting wins behind the Sox offense.

Stephen Drew. Another extra player as a backup shortstop. After the Sox trade their starting SS during the season, Drew steps up to the starting role and hits .249/12/62. Above average on defense, as he was marketed to be.

Mike Napoli. Power hitter with an injury problem. He’s stayed healthy most of the season and played pretty well at first base. Batting .251/21/87.

Mike Carp. Extra piece from Seattle. Depth in the outfield. Batting .309/9/38. Great pinch hitter with a clutch bat.

Those are the new faces to compliment the .309/27/92 line from “washed up” David Ortiz and .297 average from Pedroia. Throw in 14-8 Lester who finally came around at the end of the season, 11-0 Clay Bucholz and a finally decent John Lackey and the Sox have World Series potential.

The Red Sox farm system is still very strong. The strongest in the AL East and probably among the tops of the American League. With the steady stream of young talent and veterans with long contracts, the Sox can contend again next year and hopefully eliminate the memories of past seasons. John Farrell’s new look, new attitude Red Sox are playoff bound for the first time in the past three years. Things are finally looking good at Fenway.

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A Fan Guide to the 2013 Boston Celtics

The 2005 Celtics featured the Big 3 of Paul Pierce, Ricky Davis and Wally Szczerbiak (who shouldn’t be allowed to use Twitter). Kendrick Perkins was being paid under $1 million a year. Brian Scalabrine was being paid. A LOT. In the 2006 NBA draft, the Celtics, via trading, received their future all-star point guard Rajon Rondo who was selected as the 21st pick. The ’06 draft produced few game changing players with Rondo as one exception. A lottery pick in the 2014 draft could possibly equate to a franchise player. So how’s this season going to go?


Brad Stevens

Going 166-49 as the head coach of Butler should probably say enough. The best NBA player to come from Butler is GORDON HAYWARD. Brad Stevens took Butler to back to back NCAA Championship appearances. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say the best thing to come from Butler University’s basketball program is Brad Stevens. He was that good. It’s kind of funny that when Doc leaves, the Celtics replace him with a great, polarizing figure but when the Lakers lose their coach, they choose Mike D’Antoni to try to lead a team of past all-stars to playoff success. At least Boston is trying.

Stevens modus operandi: Statistical Analysis

The 2012 Celtics had a problem with rebounding. You don’t need a stat sheet to see that. Indiana was the best statistical rebounding team in the league last year with the almost 46 rebounds they pulled down per game. One would hope that under Doc Rivers, the Celtics would have pinned their ears back and went full speed to the glass to even out the playing field. If Stevens brings his “Moneyball” coaching to the pros, no longer is Boston going to run back on defense, giving them no chance to get an offensive rebound. In other words, there’s hope!

Returning Cast



 Why is everybody worried about me? (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)



The  biggest returning name is perennial all-star and sunglasses expert, Rajon Rondo. Before getting injured, Rondo averaged almost 14/11/6 with almost two steals per game. In 2012 he broke the NBA record for consecutive game with 11+ assists (28). In 2010, he tied an NBA record with 24 assists to go along with his triple double. In his first five games that year, Rondo set another NBA record with 82 assists in that span. Statistically, Rondo has the chance to go down as one of the best point guards to ever play for Boston if he keeps up this pace. Rondo is sitting at 3,943 career assists while 1,029 will put him 30th all time. Even without Pierce, Garnett and assorted cast, a healthy Rondo could possibly pull off  another  500+ assist year.

Jeff Green is the definition of athleticism. The same guy who missed a year of basketball came back from heart surgery to pull off this:

When people complain about Green, their main complaint is that Green is inconsistent. Throughout the regular season there were times were Green didn’t blow by opponents like he did against players like Lebron James and later Carmelo Anthony but during  the playoffs against the latter, Green averaged 20.3 points per game. That’s pretty good. That’s more than Paul George and almost 5 points per game higher than Dwayne Wade. He’s a 27 year old that scored 43 points against the Miami Heat the year after he sat out for a heart condition. That means you should keep him at almost all costs.

Who would have thought a mid-first round pick that once had an extended stint in the D-League would be named to the 2013 NBA All-Defensive Second Team. Avery Bradley has made his case to stay on the Celtics roster. His scouting report noted his defensive prowess and spot up shooting which is his exact calling call at the NBA level. After a couple of years of not doing much, Bradley took over for Rondo and locked down defenders, even making Kobe Bryant look goofy. He led the league in points per play allowed (.697) and had the ability to gamble on perimeter like Rondo but had the ability to block shots inside making him a great defensive replacement.

The king of the heat check, Jordan Crawford was sent to the Celtics in a late season trade for the injured Leandro Barbosa.  He averaged 9 points per game in an extended bench role allowing him to take over for Barbosa’s scoring spurts that Boston lost when he went down with an ACL tear. Besides his occasional errant shooting sprees, Crawford is a great addition to a rebuilding team.

Courtney Lee was by far one the biggest disappointments of the 2012 season, if not the biggest. He averaged 8 points per game, although his .464 shooting percentage was passable. The explosiveness he displayed in Houston was almost non existent and he settled for jump shots 9 times out of 10. If you look for Youtube clips for Lee last year, the first result is a 13 point game he had. Thirteen points is his big highlight video. That’s a great sign. At least he embarrassed Chris Bosh.

New legal troubles aside, Jared Sullinger was a bright spot in the Celtics 2012 season. He fell in the draft because of back issues (which eventually doomed him) but while he played he was a rebounding like a veteran. While the Celtics offensive rebounding and rebounding game in general was almost non existent, he gave the Celtics some much needed second chance points. His post game was better than projected and he was a great offensive contributor. A healthy Sullinger might be the future difference between a playoff spot a few years from now or a fall into obscurity.


If anyone ever belonged on the once great dynasty, now reality show Los Angeles Lakers, it would be Kris Humphries. Unfortunately David Stern had felt that Dwight Howard had embarrassed them enough and in return for vetoing the Chris Paul trade, he gave Lakers fans a present in allowing Humphries to come to Boston. Humphries will make a ridiculous $12 million this year after averaging a whopping 6 points and 6 rebounds per game. Unbelievable. He can rebound at least.

Back when the Bobcats where actually any fun to watch Gerald Wallace was basically the only reason. He could dunk, he could shoot, he had cool hair. Last year he averaged a mediocre 8 points per game and only seemed to come through at certain times during the season (see the playoff series against the Bulls). His athleticism is barely a step above Paul Pierce’s but his game is still a lot better than most people realize. His contract is a big cap hit but you have to assume his stay in Boston won’t be very long.

The Celtics traded up to draft Kelly Olynyk at 13 in this years draft. Like Sullinger, he had “injury” concerns and drew criticism to Danny Ainge after his selection. During the Summer League, Olynyk was hands down one of the best players on the floor. He averaged 18 PPG, 8 RPG, and a 58% shooting percentage. Olynyk is looking like a prime candidate for the NBA All-Rookie First Team.

Marshon Brooks was the player the Celtics originally drafted in the 2011 NBA Draft but was then traded to the Nets for their pick who ended up being the extremely successful forward, JaJuan Johnson. Brooks might be the best future player in this trade, bring youth and extreme potential. Brooks’ high ceiling is something to keep an eye on the next few years.

(Players excluded: Pressey, Faverani, Bogans, Greene)

Potential draft picks:

The Celtics needs involve every position excluding PG. If the Celtics want to draft at the point, it would have to be one of the top two guards. With Rajon Rondo still putting up numbers, the Celtics don’t need to invest in younger talent at that position.

The options are completely open from Wiggins to Randle to Embiid. The Celtics need youth and talent. Assuming the Celtics fall into the lottery, a top 3 pick would be crucial. Wiggins, Paker and Smart are three players who can immediately upgrade most teams. Depending on whether or not the Celtics bad lottery luck repeats itself, Boston can still land top center Embiid or hometown guard Wayne Selden.

The Celtics open their season October 7th against Toronto.

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Why Gronk’s Upcoming Surgery Isn’t the End for the Patriots


No one can deny the impact Rob Gronkowski has for the New England Patriots. What people seem to forget, however, is the new look of the 2013 Patriots.

1. The Patriots additions on offense mitigate the need for Gronkowski

In 2012, the Patriots receivers had a sizable lack of depth. From the draft the Patriots picked up two wide receivers, signed Amendola, Donald Jones and Michael Jenkins during free agency and added some more undrafted free agent receivers. Along with the additions, Jake Ballard, who had previously been the Giants starting tight end, is now healthy and ready to contribute.

2. New look defense will take pressure off the offense.

There’s no doubting that with or without Gronkowski the Brady lead passing game will be an elite offense in the league. The question is if the addition of Pro Bowl safety Adrian Wilson and DT Tommy Kelly along with rookies like Jamie Collins and potential draft steal Michael Buchanan will ease the duties of the offense. The defense had glimmers of hope like the week 4 win against Buffalo in which they forced 6 turnovers including 4 interceptions. The secondary had trouble against the pass (which should hopefully be fixed with the aforementioned veteran safety) although they forced a turnover in every single regular season game along with an interception against Houston in the playoffs.

3. Improved running game will be crucial part of scoring in 2013.

The emergence of Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen will only be helped by the new Patriots running back Leon Washington. Patriots undrafted bruiser Brandon Bolden will return and have some help as the short yardage back with former Buc Lagarette Blount to split the reps with. Blount ran for over 1,000 yards his rookie season but slowed down the next year. In 2012, Blount only had 41 touches with the insane season that Doug Martin had (1454 yards, 11 TDs).

4. The Patriots are still better than most teams they’re going up against.

I don’t think I’m being too much of a homer by acknowledging that 99/100 times Tom Brady steps on a football field, he’s the best QB on it. The Patriots might have had a bad defense last year but when you’re against Mark Sanchez, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Tannehill (the first two are subject to change for 2013), do you really need a top tier defense? The Jets playmaker of the past 5 years has been Darrelle Revis. To the dismay of Jets fans he was injured last year. Now when you’re going against the Patriots, it usually helps to have the best corner in the league. The Jets had a great idea instead and instead sent their franchise cornerback to Tampa Bay. Now that’s sure to stop Brady! Teams in the AFC East are slowly building up to compete with New England (alright maybe just Miami) but they’re still years (and drafts) away from being able to compete consistently to own the division.

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New England’s Future Stars

What a better time to talk about the future of Boston than now. We know the Jackie Bradley Jr’s and the Chandler Jones’ of the sports scene. The first round draft picks and the late round draft steals. The 3 homer game by sophomore Will Middlebrooks and the defensive mastermind of third year guard Avery Bradley. We place special importance on the emergence of young players while continuing our praise for veterans whom our teams rely on for consistent difference making. All too often we’re caught off guard by a surprise appearance from a young player whose stock has risen to the point where starting on their team is the only place that would feel right. These five players aren’t in MVP consideration but may soon be leaders for their respective teams.

Xander Bogaerts – Portland Sea Dogs (SS)

The past two seasons, Bogaerts has batted over .300 and had seasons of both 16 and 20 home runs. Acquired in 2009 as an international free agent, Xander Bogaerts has been overshadowed by names like Jackie Bradley Jr, Matt Barnes and Jose Iglesias. So far this year he hasn’t had an explosive offensive year, partly due to his move from AA to AAA but his ceiling is still very high. With the Sox’s depth at shortstop (Drew, Iglesias, Bogaerts, and recent first round pick Devin Marrero) the infield for the Red Sox should be solid for the next few years. With such a crowded position, don’t be surprised to see Bogaerts develop into a utility player similar to Pedro Ciriaco.

Malcolm Subban – Belleville Bulls (OHL) Goalie

Going into the 2012 NHL draft, Subban was ranked as the top goaltender in North America. He fell to the Bruins at the 24th pick and was the second goalie drafted only to Andrei Vasilevski. As Subban leads his team into the Eastern Conference Finals of the OHL playoffs, he stands with a 1.31 GAA (2.14 in the regular season) with an 8-2 record. This year the Bruins have a solid duo of Tuukka Rask and Anton Khudobin. Malcolm will most likely start in Providence but based on the trading block (along with the health of both Rask and Khudobin), Subban could very likely see playing time in the next few years.

Jared Sullinger – Boston Celtics PF

Jared Sullinger isn’t an unknown name around Boston. He’s the 2012 draft steal that was injured after playing phenomenally at the beginning of the NBA season. The rookie averaged 6 points and 6 rebounds per game, numbers that seem small when you watched him play. His contribution to the Celtics horrendous rebounding was huge and helped spark both the offense and defense. At one point Sullinger was among the rookie leaders in rebounding albeit going 21st in the 2012 NBA draft. Sullingers surgery should have fixed his back problem which was what may of caused him to slip during the drafting process. The soon to be sophomore out of Ohio State will have a lot to prove next year but should be a welcome, youthful addition into the Celtics lineup.

Ras-I Dowling – New England Patriots CB

As if the word “bust” wasn’t thrown around enough with young players, the injury filled two years that Dowling has spent in Foxboro has been labeled a bust by countless fans. The tag “physical corner” comes with baggage in the NFL and in Dowling’s case it’s turned into injuries. He has appeared in just 9 games the last two seasons and has 10 tackles. With NE’s secondary situation, the draft is certainly one way to recover and the 2013 draft has capable corners. If Ras-I can recover and play a full season at about the same level he should have his rookie year, he could make a similar impact as Patriots rookie Alfonzo Dennard did. With Talib at one side, the Patriots are looking for another corner to step up to his talent level and whether or not Dowling is capable of doing this depends on his health. When he’s healthy and ready to play, he could play like the second round pick he was.

Andrew Farrell – New England Revolution Defender

When the Revolution traded up to get the number one overall pick in the 2013 MLS draft, they chose Louisville’s Andrew Ferrell and it’s a good thing they did. Although New England has had incredible trouble scoring, they’ve been the best defensive team in the league, allowing just two goals in five games played. Farrell is a defender with great speed and superb defensive ability. He often initiates attacks and has the on ball skills of a midfielder. His bursts of speed and ball handling skills show why he was chosen first overall and he looks to be a player for the future. Along with 24 year old outside back Kevin Alston, Farrell brings a young defender to the Revolution, a team already stacked with youth like 18 year old Diego Fagundez and 21 year old Kelyn Rowe.

Patriots First Round Mock Draft Choices (New Years edition)

With the lack of changes between most mocks, there’s only two new contenders. Some dark horse players include:

WR DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson

CB Xavier Rhodes, Florida State

(Two additions courtesty of DraftTek)

Matt Elam (SS, Florida) 

Elam, like most Florida safeties, is a beast. Imagine Brandon Spikes with more skill in coverage. When he hits someone, they feel it. At 5-10, he’s fast and delivers hits like Spikes does with a lot less body mass. He was an All-American this year and his best game came against Tennessee when he finished with 10 tackles, an interception, a pass defended and a sack.

Instead of posting a regular highlight video, just watch this:

Keenan Allen (WR, California) 

Allen is quick, athletic, and just an all-around great WR. He’s going to be a beast at the combine and wherever he gets drafted, he’ll make an impact. It’s clear that between him and Tavon Austin, teams with receiving needs will look to these two over guys around the same time like Justin Hunter of Tennessee and Baylor WR Terrence Williams (although I’m not sure Williams should be taken over Allen). Had 166 yards against Washington State and caught two touchdowns against UCLA.

(Matt Elam suggestion from Rob Rang, CBS Sports)

(Keenan Allen from NESN’s Luke Hughes)

Otto Porter (Georgetown) vs. Texas 12/4/12



  • Shoots the ball well
  • Plays above average defense
  • Able to block shots
  • Decent size


  • Appears to not move around well without the ball. Lethargic unless the pass is inevitable.
  • Doesn’t look to be overpowering athletically.

Only a day after USA Today’s Nicole Auerbach published an inside look at his journey to Georgetown, Otto Porter is playing on ESPN against Texas. My initial reaction was one of confusion when he looked to be slow off the ball, standing relatively still outside of the three point line. This happened for a few possessions and then he started to look like the prospect he’s known to be. He was getting the ball mid range and converting turn around jumpers. He was showing transition hustle and getting in positions to score. On defense he looks good. He can rebound and unbeknownst to me, block shots. He’s projected as a potential lottery pick and it’s easy to see why.

Post game thoughts: This was a forgettable game for Otto. The 14 points, 7 rebounds and 3 blocks are nice but both Porter and Georgetown sleepwalked through this game for an easy win. Otto is definitely a player to watch but there wasn’t much to see in this game.

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Celtics mock draft picks (December edition)

C.J Leslie (Foward, N.C State)

Wake Forest NC State Basketball

CJ Leslie plays like Jeff Green without an outside game. He’s athletic, has above average quickness and can surprise you on defense. Obviously the lack of an outside game is a problem but he’s gotten to this point without it so that’s good news if the Celtics are looking to truly develop a player. Inside he’s great and can get to the free throw line a lot. Free throw shooting isn’t a strong point for him but his ability to draw fouls is well known in the NCAA. He’s quick of the dribble and although he has an odd running form, he can go coast to coast quickly. He uses his athleticism to get lose rebounds and to contest shots but he sometimes over gambles defensively even though it usually pays off. CJ is 6’8 so he’s between the taller Jeff Green and Paul Pierce, although he’s a lot smaller physically than those two which might be a problem in the NBA (see JaJuan Johnson). I wouldn’t mind having Leslie as a future backup for Jeff Green but if the Celtics are looking into the immediate future, they might look for a big man.

Mason Plumlee (PF/C, Duke)


Ignoring the fact that Duke is lame, Mason Plumlee is pretty good. He’s like an athletic Sullinger who can pass. He’s got the Sully rebounding and scoring ability along with the occasional touch of defense. He’s a guy I could totally see KG mentoring into an above average pro talent. My best advice for learning more about him is to just watch him play. Watch something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_Q1f-ntvfU and you’ll see that the kid’s obviously talented. His biggest flaw seems to be his post game, which  the Celtics can help correct with players like KG and Sullinger.