Otto Porter (Georgetown) vs. Texas 12/4/12



  • Shoots the ball well
  • Plays above average defense
  • Able to block shots
  • Decent size


  • Appears to not move around well without the ball. Lethargic unless the pass is inevitable.
  • Doesn’t look to be overpowering athletically.

Only a day after USA Today’s Nicole Auerbach published an inside look at his journey to Georgetown, Otto Porter is playing on ESPN against Texas. My initial reaction was one of confusion when he looked to be slow off the ball, standing relatively still outside of the three point line. This happened for a few possessions and then he started to look like the prospect he’s known to be. He was getting the ball mid range and converting turn around jumpers. He was showing transition hustle and getting in positions to score. On defense he looks good. He can rebound and unbeknownst to me, block shots. He’s projected as a potential lottery pick and it’s easy to see why.

Post game thoughts: This was a forgettable game for Otto. The 14 points, 7 rebounds and 3 blocks are nice but both Porter and Georgetown sleepwalked through this game for an easy win. Otto is definitely a player to watch but there wasn’t much to see in this game.

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2 thoughts on “Otto Porter (Georgetown) vs. Texas 12/4/12

  1. I think your looking for the wrong things in your Porter evaluation. Having seen Porter many times, moving without the ball is one of his strengths, and he uses it to score at all three levels. He has an excellent motor also.

    His ability to do everything well and contribute to winning basketball in many different ways is his best attribute along with his BBall IQ. All of this is evident in his stat line in this game, few players in college produce stats across the board like Porter.

    Hi weaknesses would be creating off the bounce…

    • dunkfaced says:

      I acknowledged that he showed motor on transition and he was moving around well on defense but I came into this game expecting him to be moving around more, demanding the ball. I’m not sure if his stat producing is all that unique with players like Plumlee and Carter-Williams doing it but by no means did I mean to demean Porter’s play. My biggest mistake was coming into this game expecting a C.J McCollum or someone who can just score in bunches. I think the whole game was underwhelming and that might have lead to some unwarranted criticism (although I thought I was pretty positive about both his play and his potential).

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